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The Winning Formula

Perspective from a startup company

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As a founder of a startup company, things are exciting, things are scary. You experience the sometimes extreme highs and lows of seeing your vision start to take shape into a legitimate long-term enterprise. One day you are celebrating what others may view as a minor milestone (like designing your packaging) and the next day you can't sleep because you realize that you need to build more traction (sell thousands of units everyday forever) to prove your business will work to investors. It takes guts, determination, sacrifice (seriously, forget about vacations for awhile) and a patient spouse (if you're married) to stay the course. Your best days happen when the product or service you've created gets validated (they love it) by a customer or prospective customer. An unsolicited positive reaction about your product will boost morale and lift your entire team for days (or hours, depending if you start thinking about competitors or your burn rate).

Our startup company Green Way Labs researches and develops eco-friendly cleaning products using newer plant-based technology. Our mission is simple; create truly green cleaning products that work better than traditional toxic cleaning products. (most green cleaning products suck) We understood that if we accomplished this mission, we could disrupt the cleaning chemical industry, protect people and the environment, and if done using sustainable, safe ingredients, we would have a scalable business that could sell consumable products every day in every country of the world to consumers and businesses for decades to come. Sound pretty inspiring? Well, we've done it, or at least we have developed (and patented) the technology, the formulas are complete, they've been tested on the toughest substances and common surfaces and the results are downright amazing. 

So now we are perfecting our supply chain, setting up distribution and planning our first major introduction....and this Sunday, April 24th 2016, our industrial brand "MastiClean" will be showcased on the paint scheme of the #95 race car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The team's owner Circle Sport | Leavine Family Racing wanted to show their commitment to NASCAR's Race To Green campaign which is in its 4th year, so they offered a small startup company with some really cool green technology a chance to be discovered by thousands of people. Sunday will be one of those "high" days for sure. #masticlean #greenwaylabs #500startups #LACI #lfrracing #idgsupply

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