• A Green Bully On Tough Messes.

    Tough, But Safe.

    We've rolled up our sleeves, so you can take off the gloves.

    MastiClean's next-generation green-cleaning technology outshines the competition in performance, safety and sustainability. That's good news for workers - and great news for the environment.

    Go Green. Never Compromise on Clean.

    MastiClean works better and is safer than leading brand cleaning products. Try it for yourself.

  • Green Way Labs, the makers of MastiClean is a portfolio company of 500 Startups.


    MastiClean is recognized in the tech community

  • MastiClean Products

    Download our latest catalog.

    Multi-Purpose Scrubbing Wipes

    GW40 and GW72 - Outperforms Leading Brands

    Dual-Textured Wet Wipes featuring our flagship green formula - Rougher side for scrubbing, smooth side for wipe up. Safe on skin and all surfaces. 100% Non-Toxic. VOC-Free. Available in 40 and 72 Count Canisters.

    Download our Safety Data Sheet - Wipes

    Multi-Purpose Liquid Cleaner

    GW32, GW128, GW128C, GW05, GW05C, GW55, GW55C, GW275, GW275C

    Our flagship powerful, but safe formula utilizes advanced colloidal micelle technology to breakdown tough substances like tar, paint, adhesives and other tough messes while being completely safe for the user and the environment. Available in 32 Oz. Ready-To-Use Spray Bottles, 1 GAL Refills and 5, 55, 270 Gallon Bulk. Also available in a 9:1 Concentrate.

    Download our Safety Data Sheet - Ready-To-Use

    Download our Safety Data Sheet - Concentrate

    3 in 1 Multi-Surface Cleaner


    Our 3 in 1 Multi-Surface Cleaner cleans, shines and protects a variety of surfaces especially, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, granite, ceramic, furniture and many others. 100% Non-Toxic, Ammonia Free. No VOCs. Safe on computer screens and flatscreen TV screens. Leaves a streak-free finish everytime. Available in 32 Oz. Ready-To-Use Spray Bottles.

    Download our Safety Data Sheet - 3 in 1


    Microfiber Towels and Accessories

    JS100, JS101, JS103, JS100M, JS104, JS200, GW32R

    MastiClean offers a line of extremely high-quality microfiber towels and accessories that provide a sustainable eco-friendly solution to alternative rags and low-quality microfiber products.

    MastiClean 4-Tier Display Rack


    MastiClean offers a metal powder-coated 4-tier display rack designed to hold 4 full cases of products, including a lockable sample canister for our GW40 count dual-textured scrubbing wipes.

    AquaCloth - 2 Pack


    Experience AquaCloth. Never Buy Paper Towels Again.


    Every AquaCloth fiber is over 250X finer than a human hair. Our specially woven nano-fiber holds 8X its weight in soils and liquid. Millions of micro chambers scoop and pull dust, dirt, and targeted substance inside the cloth where they remain until they are washed. Open spaces enable quick drying. AquaCloths are extremely durable and will last 500+ washings.

    APPLICATIONS: Glass, Mirrors, Granite, Stainless Steel, Flat Screen TVs, Computer Monitors, Tablets and Mobile Phones, any hard surface.

    AquaCloth - 24 Pack Shipper Display


    Each pack comes with retail hang tags for resale


    Every AquaCloth fiber is over 250X finer than a human hair. Our specially woven nano-fiber holds 8X its weight in soils and liquid. Millions of micro chambers scoop and pull dust, dirt, and targeted substance inside the cloth where they remain until they are washed. Open spaces enable quick drying. AquaCloths are extremely durable and will last 500+ washings.

    APPLICATIONS: Glass, Mirrors, Granite, Stainless Steel, Flat Screen TVs, Computer Monitors, Tablets and Mobile Phones, any hard surface.

  • Applications

    Prior to releasing our products, we ensure two things: that it is truly eco-friendly and that it works awesome.

    Truly a Multi-Purpose Formula

    Industrial Strength Cleaning that's safe enough to use around food and people.

    Masticlean is used for a myriad of applications in a wide variety of industries. For specific applications, feel free to call us for recommendations or product to conduct a case study for your particular need.


    Green Way Labs conducts controlled performance tests against competitive products on a multitude of surfaces using the finest laboratory equipment available.

    • Aerospace - Effective Non-Solvent Cleaner to Remove Cosmoline, Multi-Purpose Degreaser/Cleaner
    • Automotive and Motorsports
    • Building Maintenance  
    • Construction
    • Food Production - NSF Certified
    • Food Services - NSF Certified
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Highway and Street Maintenance - Tar Removal
    • HVAC
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Municipal
    • Painting
    • Petroleum and Gas
    • Printing
    • Sanitation and Waste
    • Schools
    • Steel and Metal Products
    • Transportation
    • Utilities

    MastiClean is Green Way Laboratory's flagship multi-purpose cleaning formula. This highly unique blend of DfE and REACH approved ingredients create a true green and powerful cleaning solution. The science behind MastiClean enables the formula to break down the carbon chain of many common substances that are notoriously difficult to remove without the use of harsh and toxic solvents. MastiClean is safe to use on hands and virtually any surface.


    Next generation science, every generation safe.

    Some consumers are skeptical about products claiming to be green. A few short years ago and continuing to this day, some cleaning product manufacturers would simply put on the label that their product was green, however, upon closer examination of many of these product's ingredients, they were not green by today's standards. There is not a single ingredient in MastiClean that is toxic to the human body. It is odorless, hypo-allergenic, safe to use around food, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-reactive and no rinsing is needed after use.


    Green Way's mission was to create a truly green formula based on the world's highest standards, plus prove to consumers that you don't have to compromise on cleaning performance or pay more for newer, safer, green products. We invite you to see for yourself how well MastiClean works on so many applications. Our customers continually discover new applications for MastiClean. MastiClean is proudly made in the USA.


    MastiClean uses cutting-edge chemistry to power its next-generation clean, targeting tough spots at the tiniest levels and neutralizing them safely. No harsh toxins, no ineffective "natural" agents, just a clean environment at work and beyond.

  • The Winning Formula.

    The Red Flag is Out for Toxic Cleaning Chemicals.

  • Distributors

    MastiClean is available from these fine organizations.


    Industrial user?

    Fastenal is an authorized industrial distributor of MastiClean. They have 2622 locations across the U.S, Canada and Mexico.


    Motorsports industry?

    Vallen is a leading supplier to the Motorsports and manufacturing industry and is an authorized distributor for MastiClean.


    Serving So CA

    Superior Trucking Supply specializes in heavy duty truck parts and chasis equipment for the marine and transportation industry.


    No CA and Pacific NW

    Western Tool & Supply services the metalworking industry and is an authorized distributor for MastiClean.



    Productivity is a supplier for metalworking industry and is an authorized distributor for MastiClean.


    Various Locations

    IDG is a leading supplier for motorsports and industrial supplies in North America is an authorized distributor for MastiClean.


    Various Locations

    Todd Pipe is a leading supplier for plumbing and HVAC supplies in California is an authorized distributor for MastiClean.

  • About Green Way Labs

    The Right Way Is The Green Way.


    To research and develop innovative green cleaning solutions for multiple markets and industries, creating sustainable products that are high-performing, safe and non-toxic.

    Our Story

    In 2012, Ted Coté, Guy Adams and Laurence Gorlick embarked on a mission to make toxic cleaning products obsolete. They founded Green Way Laboratories in Long Beach, California.

    The Inspiration

    From a safety and compliance perspective, Coté knew that everyday people at home and at work were using toxic cleaning products that were so harmful they required personal protective equipment like gloves and respirators. As a LEED-Certified building and HVAC professional, Adams saw the hypocrisy of toxic cleaning products being used to maintain so-called green buildings, and the harmful effects that workers in those fields suffered from toxic exposure. As a physician working with patients in heavy industries, such as Marine and Transportation, Laurence Gorlick, M.D., was well aware of the negative health effects from short and long-term exposure to toxic chemicals. Together, the three saw an opportunity to create an alternative to toxic cleaning products.

    The First Product

    The Green Way team researched, identified and tested newly developed plant-based components that originated from sustainable, non-petroleum resources. Our collective mission was to create a naturally powerful non-toxic formula. After months of arduous testing, Green Way Labs perfected their first proprietary formula, which was trademarked “MastiClean.” The name was inspired by the formula’s ability to break down and remove notoriously tough substances like roofing mastic, tar and adhesives, which historically require harsh, aggressive, toxic solvents (even gasoline) to remove.

    The First Buyers

    We knew we had something special that could disrupt the use of toxic chemicals. Green Way quickly introduced the formula to Ferguson Industrial Supply, a national chain of professional-grade plumbing supply houses who agreed to carry the product in 50+ stores in Southern California in the form of wet wipes. User reactions to the product were extremely positive and in 2013, Green Way entered into a private label sell agreement with the Henry Company, the nation’s largest manufacturer of roofing materials. Within 12 months, The Home Depot and Canadian Tire carried the private labeled product under the names Henry Scrubbers and Airport Grade Scrubbers.

    Gaining Support

    In December 2014, Green Way Labs become a portfolio company of the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator. In April of 2015, the 500 Startups Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley (www.500.co) invested in Green Way Labs as a Portfolio Company. During that time, Green Way Labs developed a complete line of consumer branded cleaning products under the trademarked brand “VERDAY.” The name was inspired by the Latin word “verde,” which means “green.” In 2017, Green Way Labs became a Preferred Supplier to PrimeSource who will be a Master Distributor for MastiClean for retail. PrimeSource operates 34 Distribution Centers across North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Additional industrial distributors include Fastenal with over 2600 stores, Ferguson Industrial with over 1400 locations.

    Where We Are Now

    Green Way Labs is currently focusing on the industrial side of their business where they have the greatest traction and lower cost of sales, however, the company is currently raising capital to launch their promising consumer brand VERDAY. The company has a pipeline of high-performance cleaning products and accessories for a variety of applications. The company has two key criteria when developing and launching the product. 1) The product must be considered eco-friendly, meaning that all active components of the formula must be EPA- and REACH-approved, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-reactive. 2) The product must be equal to, but preferably outperform competing toxic alternatives. Since 2012, the team has grown to include Zack Gorlick, Rick White, Marylou Garcia and Mark Will. Green Way Labs is represented by a network of Manufacturer's Reps.

    A Holistic Approach

    Green Way Labs is also working with other independent organic, metabolic and colloidal micelles chemical formulators in the United States and other countries to round out our family of green, high-performance cleaning products. All of our products are manufactured in the United States and all packaging is 100% recyclable. In 2017, Green Way Labs was certified as a Los Angeles Green Business.

  • The Green Team

    A Successful Team Beats With One Heart

    The Right Kind of Science. A New Kind of Clean.

    In 2012, Green Way Labs was founded and soon after came the discovery of MastiClean.

  • See what we're up to.

    Clean is Good. Green is Great.

  • Green Way Labs is a portfolio company of the Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator

    LACI is recognized as one of the top 5 accelerators in the world.

  • Living The Green Way

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