The right kind of science for a new kind of clean.

MastiClean is Green Way Laboratory's flagship patented (U.S. Patent #8,845,817) multi-purpose cleaning formula. This highly unique blend of DfE and REACH approved ingredients create a true green and powerful cleaning solution. The science behind MastiClean enables the formula to break down the carbon chain of many common substances that are notoriously difficult to remove without the use of harsh and toxic solvents. MastiClean is safe to use on hands and virtually any surface.

Next generation science, every generation safe.

Some consumers are skeptical about products claiming to be green. A few short years ago and continuing to this day, some cleaning product manufacturers would simply put on the label that their product was green, however, upon closer examination of many of these product's ingredients, they were not green by today's standards. There is not a single ingredient in MastiClean that is toxic to the human body. It is odorless, hypo-allergenic, safe to use around food, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-reactive and no rinsing is needed after use.

Green Way's mission was to create a truly green formula based on the world's highest standards, plus prove to consumers that you don't have to compromise on cleaning performance or pay more for newer, safer, green products. We invite you to see for yourself how well MastiClean works on so many applications. Our customers continually discover new applications for MastiClean. MastiClean is proudly made in the USA.

MastiClean uses cutting-edge chemistry to power its next-generation clean, targeting tough spots at the tiniest levels and neutralizing them safely. No harsh toxins, no ineffective "natural" agents, just a clean environment at work and beyond.

MastiClean | Multi-Purpose Cleaning Scrubs | 40, 72 Count Canister

Also introducing our revolutionary 3 in 1 Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner. You've never seen glass so clean.



MastiClean  | Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray, Refill and Bulk | 32 oz., 1 and 5 Gal Refill, 55 Gallon Bulk Drum and 330 Gallon Tote (Now also available in a 9:1 Concentrate)



Certified Green. 

MastiClean is certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) as a Clean Air Choice Cleaner. The product emits zero VOCs and is hypo-allergenic.